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Our Vision

To act as an expert intermediary contributing at all levels in the Shipping and Marine Industry and to create awareness about golden career in Merchant Navy and to endow with far above the ground echelon of training for the industry and provide skilled manpower at all position in the Marine Industry all across the world.

Our Aim

To train and enable every student to attain the high rank position in the Marine Sector in order to make them a skilled marine professional so as to put their utmost contribution in the Merchant Navy Sector and to make them an efficient and a competent professional in the marine career. We also aim to provide the Cadets with an exceptional education with hands-on training resulting in the cadets being recognized as the future leaders of the Merchant Marine.

Our Objective

To become a respected Ship Manning Organization for Shipping Companies and Sea-farers worldwide and to provide quality technical education along with development of intellectual leadership quality and corporate ethics-creating potential manpower for marine industry and to create research and develop basis training courses to meet the needs of changing and challenging clients for the Maritime Industry.

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